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"Steeped in the myths of the sea, Lynton Francois Burger’s novel is as lyrical as it is exhilarating. Part ecological thriller, part tender love story,  She Down There  is a timely song to the world’s oceans and the creatures living in them."


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Sunday Times

"With each dive Claire and Klaas make, Burger creates an atmosphere and tone so textured, lush and alive that it is as if the reader is beside them: tasting the salt, smelling the kelp, witnessing the sea life, all while experiencing the feel of the water's might and gentle caress.

'The descriptive and characterisation genius of John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway have played a big role in shaping my writing style,' says Burger. As influential as these authors may have been, Burger has created a novel that embodies a vivid writing style of its own."


Tiah Beautement, Sunday Times - full review



“Ernest Hemingway would be proud. His prose was similarly clipped. His words? Terse. Some works also heaved with ocean. Only with more drunkenness. His prose was punchy. With more punching. There was bullfighting. And salt. And sweat. Evocative. Bloody. He was athletically descriptive, with tales of manhood, and marathon fights with giant marlin.

This reader was relieved to note that between the covers (of SHE DOWN THERE) we move away from these staccato mini-ads into a more soothing, lyrical flow - an oft sibilant narrative about characters emotionally immersed in the ocean by an author on a calculated quest to evoke deep empathy for the ocean. Much of the book takes place underwater.”

Steve Pike, Wavescape - full review


"If you are fascinated by the life of the sea, you cannot miss this poignant story of close encounters and connections under the waves.

Ultimately this is a love story, but it is also a travelogue of undersea adventure, a lyrical re-telling of myths and legends of the deep and a burning inditement of poachers and polluters.

It is no surprise that the author, Lynton Francois Burger, is a marine biologist, master diver and award-winning underwater photographer who has explored the oceans of the world. His first-hand knowledge, experience and passion are obvious in the scenes he describes so vividly, although they are depicted through the eyes of his characters.

Claire, Klaas and the other characters, including the Mozambican fisherfolk, are vivid and well-defined and the descriptions of land and sea are downright poetic."

Jennifer de Klerk, Artslink - full review

The Citizen

"Marine biologist’s first novel is a jewel of the deep." Nica Schreuder, - full review 

Feedback from readers 


"Words are not enough to express the emotions that are evoked when reading your novel"

"The book is an enchantment"


"The underwater scenes are masterfully done. It felt like I was down there"

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