Lynton-BurgerI am a master diver with 30 years diving experience around the globe. Crafting underwater photo-art combines my deep love of the sea with my keen interest in abstract and contemporary art.

It starts on the dive, my creative dream-time, scanning the reef and the water column for pattern, light, colour, shape and form that can be worked to capture something of the essence of undersea – evoke an emotion, perhaps tell a story.

Post production is true to the image and aimed at accentuating the emotion or message. I don’t consider myself a digital artist.

My images are created to end up as wall art.

I would say the final stage of artistic production (printing, framing) is still very much in development for me. Some of my sold works have been framed using diasec mounts (clean-edged acrylic face-mounting process) or black framed float mounted behind glass, but I am currently developing a canvass and resin technique, framed with paint-flecked recycled boat timber.

Regardless of the final product, my motivation always is to explore ways of expressing the magic realism of the sea. I am drawn to the abstract, the myth, the figurative – in the belief that these forms can, more than others, evoke a deep and lasting emotional connection with ocean.