As a writer, I delight in exploring the beauty and the essence of our oceans, and the relationships people have with nature and each other when nature is at the centre.


As a photographer and sculptor, I combine my love affair with the aesthetics of the underwater world with my keen interest in abstract and contemporary art.



As an impact investment specialist, I draw on my thirty years’ corporate consulting, advisory and research experience to build entrepreneurial purpose-driven businesses and investment funds which are part of the exciting global ‘fourth wave’ - an era of connectedness and consciousness.



I studied at Rhodes University (MSc in Ichthyology – Marine Protected Areas) and the University of Cape Town (MBA at the Graduate School of Business).



I am a bit of a global vagabond, equally at home in South Africa (where I was born and raised), Mauritius, Spain or Australia. I have also lived and worked in Canada. I am proud to call myself a Capetonian.



I hope you enjoy exploring these pages and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Lynton Francois Burger, February 2020



Lynton and Dugong by Lukas Mueller

 © Lynton Francois Burger 2020