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After three decades of writing non-fiction (articles, research and business reports) I finally got around to writing what my heart had always wanted to do - and I completed the novel, SHE DOWN THERE - the book about being in love with the ocean. The story draws on my deep love of the underwater world, my time with marine biologists in various parts of the world and my fascination with sea mythology (SHE DOWN THERE is the other name for Sedna - Ruler of the Sea Creatures, an important North American First Nations origin myth).

Click on the SHE DOWN THERE page to find out more about the book, and to sign up to the SHE DOWN THERE newsletter.

I have started work on my second novel. It is early days but it too will have a strong ocean love theme.

I am proud to be a Fellow of the

International League of Conservation Writers

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Crafting evocative underwater images combines my deep love of the sea with a belief that art can make a difference to the collective consciousness. 


It starts on the dive, my creative dream-time, scanning the reef and the water column for pattern, light, colour and form that can be worked to capture something of the essence of undersea – evoke an emotion, perhaps tell a story ... to shift perception ... and drive action.


My images have been published widely (print and online), exhibited globally, and used to further the aims of the marine conservation causes I support.


As an inducted member of the International Ocean Artists Society, I enjoy contributing to the good work the society does. Click on the logo below to find out what we get up to ... 

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