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After writing professional research reports and corporate sustainability strategies for more than thirty years I now spend more time writing creatively, and for a wider audience.


I am proud to be a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers.


My first novel She Down There will be published by Penguin Random House in early 2020.

She Down There

An apprentice marine biologist is in love with her master, but she is outgrowing him. What happens when she loses him altogether? Will she find what she is looking for – down there in the deep blue sea? 


Set in Haida Gwaii - Canada, South Africa and southern Mozambique, She Down There is an underwater eco-romance with a strong marine conservation theme. 


Rich in undersea detail, and interwoven with myth and personal struggle, She Down There is a story of coming into one’s true self, and about how love and life purpose are often closely linked.



Comments by beta readers:


"The underwater scenes are masterfully done.

It felt like I was down there"


"Words are not enough to express

the emotions that are evoked

when reading your novel"


"The book is an enchantment"


Crafting evocative underwater images combines my deep love of the sea with a belief that art can make a difference to the collective consciousness. 


It starts on the dive, my creative dream-time, scanning the reef and the water column for pattern, light, colour and form that can be worked to capture something of the essence of undersea – evoke an emotion, perhaps tell a story ... to shift perception ... and drive action.


My images have been published widely (print and online), exhibited globally and used to further the aims of the marine conservation causes I support.


As an inducted member of the International Ocean Artists Society, I enjoy contributing to the good work the society does. Click on the logo below to find out what we get up to ... 

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Gun Free Reef Sculpture



“Take your guns and your knives and your pangas and throw them into the sea”

Nelson Mandela


Gun Free Reef Sculpture is a public bronze sculpture I have designed to actualise the powerful words of Nelson Mandela, spoken at a rally in the then war-torn Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, shortly after his release in 1990.


Gun Free Reef Sculpture has a broad and deep anti-violence message - not only is it a call to end our violence against each other - but also a call to end our violence against Planet Earth. 


I am looking for partners (funders, supporters) to make Gun Free Reef Sculpture a reality.

Contact me to get involved, and download the project synopsis here ...


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