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Christina and Lynton - by Lukas Mueller.

Lynton Francois Burger

" As a writer, underwater photographer and impact investment specialist, I combine my love affair with the ocean with my passion for supporting entrepreneurial purpose-driven businesses - with one aim: regenerating and celebrating our magnificent oceans. "

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She Down There

- the book about being in love with the ocean -

"Marine biologist’s first novel is a jewel of the deep."

Nica Schreuder, The Citizen

"The novel She Down There takes you on a spiritual journey beneath the sea. The book is a love song to the ocean and her animals." 

Steve Pike, Wavescape

"The descriptive and characterisation genius of John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway have played a big role in shaping my writing style," says Burger. As influential as these authors may have been, Burger has created a novel that embodies a vivid writing style of its own. 

Tiah Beautement, Sunday Times

Christina and Lynton - by Lukas Mueller.
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