Christina and Lynton - by Lukas Mueller.

Lynton Francois Burger

" As a writer, underwater photographer and impact investment specialist, I combine my love affair with the ocean with my passion for supporting entrepreneurial purpose-driven businesses - with one aim: regenerating and celebrating our magnificent oceans. "

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She Down There


"Marine biologist’s first novel is a jewel of the deep."

Nica Schreuder, The Citizen

"The novel She Down There takes you on a spiritual journey beneath the sea. The book is a love song to the ocean and her animals."

Steve Pike, Wavescape

"Words are not enough to express the emotions that are evoked when reading your novel"

"The book is an enchantment"

"The underwater scenes are masterfully done.

It felt like I was down there"

Christina and Lynton - by Lukas Mueller.
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I am a writer, underwater photographer, and impact investment specialist. 

I am a bit of a global vagabond, equally at home in South Africa (where I was born and raised), Mauritius, Spain, or Australia. I have also lived and worked in Canada. I am proud to call myself a Capetonian. From my current work desk, I look out over Kalk Bay Harbour onto False Bay.

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